Fall 2021 – Update

Dear friends and neighbors,
As the summer comes to an end it is time for an update of some of the happenings in Honor.

It is with a sense of slight disappointment that we have decided to not begin the construction of
the Platte River Park at this time. There are several reasons for this.

We only recently received approval from the State of the plans for the initial stage of the park.
Although that is good, the timing of this does not allow for a start of construction this fall. We
would essentially only be able to construct a gravel driveway to the site of the kayak/canoe
launch with some parking sites along the way. Not being able to finish this section could include
some costly repair work after a rough winter.

The boat launch itself needs further study since, as we just found out, the site apparently is the
home of endangered turtles and snakes. This should not pose a long term problem but the
facility needs to carefully accommodate these. The permit for this should be forthcoming.
By waiting for the bidding process until early next year, we will be able to include both phase 2
and 3 in the bidding package thus gaining some cost efficiency. This will include the west
entrance, by Indian Hill Rd, with a picnic area, a turn-around driveway to the boat launch (paved
if funding allows), the boat launch itself, a vault toilet, a paved non-motorized trail to the
blueberry patch, and an upstream fishing ramp.

In light of this, our Board decided to take a long reasonable view of the park development and
postpone the construction. The bids to contractors will be published in the upcoming winter with
construction starting in the spring of 2022.

However, it should be noted that youth from EcoSeeds have been busy at the blueberry patch
removing the invasive witches broom plant. By the way, the berry crop was great this year with
many locals enjoying them.

Although we all would have liked to see more happen at the park, we believe our decision is the
wise one to take. Patience is a virtue.

As we who live here can see, the 8-unit apartment building construction downtown is underway
and will be completed by November 2022. This will bring new life into our village.

Also, the Lumberjack Bar is under new ownership. The new name is “Sweets” after the new
owner. The place has been renovated and features food and spirits.

We wish to express our appreciation to the “Benzie County 100+ Women Who Care” who just
donated $12,500.

Any private donations constitute the essential matching funds for bigger grants. Donations of any size are welcome.

Please like our Facebook page “Friends of Platte River Park” as this widens the support for our

We would also like to officially welcome Peter Galopin and Randi Lyn Stoltz-Flynn to our Board.
They both bring new positive energy to our group.

As always, feel free to contact us at restorehonor@yahoo.com should you have any questions,
comments or suggestions.

HARP Board

(Ingemar Johansson, Bruce Wildie, Lori Malmstrom, Shantel Sellers, Bill Ward, Bob Rosa, Peter
Galopin, Randi Lyn Stoltz-Flynn)