HONOR, MICHIGAN – A family pushing a stroller.  An athlete recovering from injury.  A touring senior couple who struggle with their balance.  Or even those among us who prefer to keep their shoes dry!

If you have special needs and enjoy astounding outdoor recreation, the Homestead Township Board in Benzie County just gave you a big boost: $50,000 to pave the driveway, parking and sidewalk areas at the new Platte River Park.  The Township unanimously decided to make that allocation from their portion of funding under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 that provided resources to state, local, territorial and tribal governments to help turn the tide on the Covid pandemic and its economic fallout.

“The Township is certainly walking the talk by using these funds in the community for a crucially important project that will benefit thousands for generations,” said Ingemar Johansson, president of the Honor Area Restoration Project that has, with its volunteer board, facilitated the acquisition and restoration of the 52-acre property now being converted into the four-season Platte River Park with universally accessible facilities.

“When we looked at making the highest and best uses of ARPA funds we sought options that would provide the greatest long term return to our citizens and communities, including economic development,” said Tia Kurina-Cooley, Homestead Township Supervisor.  “I wonder if there is a project in Michigan that could be a better fit.  It’s being supported by an incredible number of organizations, funders, citizens and visitors for the opportunities it will provide, enriching the lives of people of all walks, needs and interests.  It will feature cutting edge universal access for everyone to enjoy world-class natural resources.   It is just a great source of community pride!”

On Saturday, May 14, 2022 from 10-12 noon, everyone is invited to a celebratory ground breaking at Platte River Park. Visitors should use the Indian Hill Road entrance to the Park (by the bridge) where there will be parking and greeters.  

“This will be a great opportunity to thank everyone, including our colleagues with Homestead Township, and learn about all of the plans for amazing outdoor recreation that the Park will offer,” said Johansson.

HARP has an agreement in place with Homestead Township and the Village of Honor that formalizes plans to manage the Park and fully involve residents, visitors and all interested to properly care for it.

More information about the Park is available at